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Our creative studio BONNEFOY CREATIONS offers the brand MAISON BONNEFOY immense resources to set up its collections.  In fact, blessed with its rich cultural heritage, the company has ancient and valuable records to reinvent fashion.

The creation of knitwear accessories:

  • The yarn is a fundamental base, it can be natural, synthetic or mixed but also plain or fancy with various effects ... Softness is an essential criterion when selecting our yarn. The size of the yarn also gives character to the items, a hand-knitted effect or a veil-like finesse, using machines with different gauges means various aspects can be given.  We buy all our yarn in France, Italy or Spain, therefore it respects French and European standards.
  • The stitching also allows for multiple combinations.  From basic jerseys and ribbing, to the most sophisticated stitching, the possibilities are endless.
  • The shapes are another important creative parameter, from squares to tips and scarves, we can create a unique accessory.
  • We have various knitting techniques, in fact we have linear looms and Raschel looms. These two types of machines allow us to make weft-knitted fabrics and warp-knitted both with different specialties. Amongst our straight looms, we have glove machines. These are specific for this type of product.
  • The graphics, an all-over print or a placement pattern, define the items or customise our accessorises for our customer base.
  • The finishing of our accessories can vary because we use different types of stitching, overcast stitch, shell stitch, satin stitch ... We can also add pom poms, fringes, tassels...

All these elements managed in-house, allow us to offer our customers quality items.  Our stylists work every day to research trends, materials, knitting stitches and design to offer increasingly more original and innovative accessories.  The key factors in the success of our products are adapting to the times and excellent technical mastery of knitwear. Every year, we offer two collections for men and women. Firstly, spring/summer and secondly, autumn/winter, which meet the needs of all, combining refinement, modernity and elegance.

Our commercial policy favours French creation, quality and responsiveness to satisfy and retain our customers.  Our entire process, from the design to manufacturing to production, takes place in France. Consequently, we can say that our accessories are 100% French quality.

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